Use the form below to submit a dashboard to the site, it will enter a queue for moderation and be published after checking by our admins.

What can I submit?

Dashboards on are intended to be real dashboards, used in real situations. They may use real data or may use mocked up data, and you can make small changes to the text and measures to ensure no confidential information is shown though we’d appreciate it if you can keep it as close to the original as possible so the audience can see the details.

Dashboards that are “real” in style are not accepted, these dashboards while they could be used in real life situations haven’t been through the same process

An example is the Income Statements dashboards produced by Andy Kriebel and shown here. Andy has produced these to show what might be possible, but they remain his view on what might work in the real world. We’re looking for dashboards that are actually in production.

Screenshots of dashboards can be submitted, however we love to see working examples in Tableau Public.

How do I submit?

Choose a title for the post (reflecting the use case of the dashboard) and then write a brief note about the dashboard itself. If you can then include a discussion about what the dashboard shows and why it was designed as it is. Try and write in the third person to enable the moderators to publish the post quickly with minimal edits.

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