everydaydashboards.com is all about sharing real life dashboards. Dashboards made by real users. The purpose isn’t to show off clever charts, or amazingly designed infographics from fun personal projects. Instead we want to share what Tableau users are creating for work, with real dashboards for real users.

Real dashboards have time limits, they have requirements, they have users who insist on things you don’t want to do, they are built by users who haven’t had time to master tools like Tableau fully. They have their compromises and their faults, but at everydaydashboards.com we love a real dashboard and we want you to share you examples with us.

We don’t mind if you have to hide numbers and change logos, we know it’s hard to share real dashboards with live data. Maybe you have to randomise your data totally, or have to recreate the dashboard from scratch, and the results won’t be quite the same. Don’t despair,  we know there are users who love to see examples of real dashboards no matter what the compromises in sharing them.

So let us know if you have a dashboard to share by tweeting it with the #everydaydashboards or #realTableau hashtag or drop us a note on the contact form below.