Amanda Patist (@amanda_patist) shared this dashboard with us. She explains that in mid 2017 she started working with a charity via the Tableau Foundation, to help them make sense of their data. This foundation runs programs around the world, to help young people from less privileged backgrounds get exposed to, get training in and get jobs in different kinds of working environments.

For this project, she worked with survey data, which gave her details of each participant for example gender, educational level, country of origin and whether or not they got a job after their time with the trust. In addition to this, participants scored their skills before and after the programs.

In order for the dashboard to be most effective and for the impact of the data to reach as many people as possible, she kept the set of four dashboards as simple as possible. Her main challenge was reducing clutter, while still being understandable for people who do not deal with data every day. Fortunately, the dashboards were very well received by the trust and she will be working on more data visualisation in the future.

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