Curtis Harris (@Harris7Curtis) from Pluralsight shared this exploratory dashboard across two pages, with the purpose of analyzing four measures across five different dimensions. Measures were separated by dimension to normalize volumes, a 50% rate in toffee does not necessarily have the same impact as a 50% rate in sugar plums. This dashboard was also built to suit many audiences: at a glance KPIs for executives, additional detail for analysts, and drill down capability for those who want to have a more complete understanding as to how they arrived at the overall numbers.

As with many real Tableau projects, their stakeholders always want to see all of the data on a single dashboard. They needed to find a way to enable more data without adding more clutter. Instead of having trends immediately viewable, the decision was made to hide them until the user decides to access via dashboard action. Having the bar chart filter itself allowed more room for viewing the trends, and narrowed our user’s focus when analyzing the data.