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What is employee turnover and why do I need an employee turnover dashboard anyway?

“The ratio of the number of employees that leave a company through attrition, dismissal, or resignation during a period to the number of employees on payroll during the same period.” – businessdictionary

Employee mobility is at its peak now and will continue to grow in the future as more and more jobs becoming mobile-enabled. Employers and HR departments have to understand how it affects their organization to successfully overcame its challenges.

As Edward E. Lawler III wrote in a Forbes article: “Depending upon the complexity of a job and the level of management, the cost of turnover can equal anywhere from one month’s to several years’ salary for a departing employee. The more complex the job and the higher level of the job, the greater the cost.”

By analyzing employee turnover, organizations can understand its pace, effects and root causes so they can take actions.

You can find the interactive report here: