Category: Summary

Metric Summary

A dashboard with 9 different top-level metrics that can both be printed out (or sent as a screen-shot in an email) and used interactively for live weekly meetings

Nurse Bed Management

Nicole Lohr shared this example on her blog. A nurse was asking for a way to view all of the current admissions, transfers between nursing units, and discharges…

Customer Retention

Tracks the impact of a customer retention initiative in the two months before and after a specific point in time.

Sales Summary

A basic summary dashboard comparing the performance of different sales teams.

Lead Conversion

A summary dashboard monitoring the volume of converted leads generated by a specific sales promotion and its ongoing persistence.

Product Usage Flow

This Sankey is used to show the developing trends of client product use over time.

Advertising Expenditure

Shows up to date advertising spend estimates for every advertiser in the UK, on your phone.